Celebrating Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink

By Fiona Richmond, Project Manager at Scotland Food & Drink

Industry leadership body Scotland Food & Drink welcomed the opportunity to be part of this year’s University of Edinburgh Freshers’ Food Festival and the chance to both speak to, and hopefully inspire, students from far and wide about the importance of good food and Scotland’s abundant larder.

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Food Sharing Edinburgh

We throw away 7 million tonnes of food in the UK every year. Half is perfectly edible, and the other half has been left to decay as result of poor management and a broken economic, political and social system. More than 800 million people in the world go to sleep hungry, even though the waste produced by Europe alone would be sufficient to feed them.

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Global Ethical Finance Forum 2015

By Liz Cooper, Research and Policy Manager

Ethics, social responsibility and sustainability are attracting more and more attention in the world of finance and investment, following financial crisis and recessions, and in the context of climate change. This month, Edinburgh hosted the first Global Ethical Finance Forum, organised by Middle East Global Advisors.

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