Recycling points established across the University

Recycling points have popped up across the University campuses over recent weeks, with staff and students now able to recycle crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and various stationery items. We hear from Corinna Bremer, School Operations Secretary for the School of Mathematics on why she took to initiative to set up a biscuit wrapper recycling scheme.

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Living plastic free in Edinburgh

Laura is an Environmental Protection and Management MSc student at the University of Edinburgh with a passion for living sustainably. She strives to live a lifestyle that creates as little waste as possible, known as the zero waste lifestyle. In this blog, she discusses the ways students and staff can reduce their plastic waste and the array of shops dedicated to zero waste in Edinburgh.

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28 ways to make 2019 your most sustainable year yet

Megan McGrath, Communications Coordinator, provides ideas for New Year’s Resolutions that make a difference. 

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Caro Overy: Veganuary

Caro Overy, Engagement Manager, reflects on her month of trying out a vegan lifestyle in January.

I’ve worked in Sustainability for most of my professional life, and so have quite frequently ended up in groups, meetings, or discussions where the climate impact of industrial farming is mentioned.  I fully understand the climate and health benefits of a diet with fewer animal products and more plant based food.

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Student Internship: Oriane Brunet

Have you noticed how the words ‘Fairtrade’, ‘local’ and ‘sustainably sourced’ are more and more common on food and drink labels? As a central part of our everyday life, economy and ecosystems, food can be a major lever for positive social and environmental impact, and the University of Edinburgh has considerable weight in the Scottish food chain.

By Oriane Brunet

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Celebrating Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink

By Fiona Richmond, Project Manager at Scotland Food & Drink

Industry leadership body Scotland Food & Drink welcomed the opportunity to be part of this year’s University of Edinburgh Freshers’ Food Festival and the chance to both speak to, and hopefully inspire, students from far and wide about the importance of good food and Scotland’s abundant larder.

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